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What is this?

We make keys for air-cooled Porsches—911's and 914's to be specific.

Will these keys fit my car?

Keylow blanks fit every Porsche 911, 914, 912, 930, 964 and 993 from 1968 - 1997. Over the years some tumblers and ignitions have been modified. Before having the key cut, please try to slide it in your tumbler.

If the blank doesn't fit, we'll make it right. 

Who should cut my blank key?

We'd recommend your top-rated local locksmith or key maestro. Avoid Home Depot, old cutting machines or your cousin Randy. A good way to ensure your locksmith has the equipment and chops to properly cut: Ask them if they have a carbide blade. The best ones do.

I don't live in the United States. How do I get one?

Email us at and we can work something out. Columbian opiate cartels can call us directly. 

How many horsepower will this add to my 911?

Tons. They're lightweight, for starters. Every 8 lbs of deleted weight = 1hp. 

You're out of stock in the color I want? How long is the wait?

The damn latin drug lords keep buying them up in bulk. Sorry about that. But we're working on keeping all of our keys in stock. However, each of these keys are handmade, so sometimes it takes a while for us to restock. 

Contact us and we'll put you on the waitlist.

Who is behind this?

We're a couple of car enthusiasts with time to kill.